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cRPG incorporates tons of new items into the good old engine of Warband. These include new weapons, armor, horses etc. There exist various items from different periods and regions of history, and many items which did not exist in real life but do here. This ensures that the player can truly create a character which they enjoy playing, whether they want to roleplay historical warriors or create something entirely unique. New items are constantly being added, and old items are also given facelifts now and again

It should be noted that items do have an upkeep cost that one may be required to pay at the end of a round. The more expensive the item is, the higher the upkeep cost is. Failing to pay the cost will result in the item degrading in quality until it can be repaired.

Types of items


There exist 6 item classes in the mod. Each class plays differently and has got its own strengths and weaknesses. While large weapons may confer a huge amount of reach, they lack in other areas and vice versa. Weapons take up different amount of slots depending on these factors as well. While increasing character proficiency in one weapon will let the player use it better, hybrid builds in which the player specs into more than one class of weapons are certainly possible, as is using a weapon without any proficiency in it (this excludes ranged weapons, who do require weapon proficiency to be used). The classes go as follows:


There's a large variety of armor available in cRPG, with various tiers of protection. The higher the weight of an armor the more it protects, but it also has more impact on the players weapon proficiency and speed as well as requires more strength to wear. This is to ensure that all levels of armor can be utilized effectively and that there isn't a meta when it comes to the armor. This may not be realistic but it is there to keep with game balance. There are four slots of armor, who all cover a different part of the body with hitboxes to match (excluding the gauntlets, who increase body armor). The slots go as follows:


Mounts in cRPG come mostly in the form of horses. There are many different tiers of horses. The better a horse is the higher the riding skill required to ride it is, and it also costs more in upkeep. There are entry-level mounts in the form of the Donkey or the Mule who do not require any riding skill to mount, but are of course worse than the competition.


There exist a vide variety of shields in cRPG, ranging from small bucklers to large pavese. A large shield covers more of your body against ranged weaponry, but consequently is heavier, slower and takes up more slots. The better a shield is the more shield skill it requires to be used, although there are shields who do not require any shield skill whatsoever.


On top of the previous items we have a few more items. These are ammunition for the bows and crossbows as well as some other nifty items one can use in the field, ranging from ladders to deployable shields. While these are catergorised under the 'throwing' category in the shop, they do not require any throwing skills or proficiency to use