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Khergit Flag


Inspired by: Mongolian Empire, Cuman-Kipchak and surrounding nomad peoples

Fiefs: 10 in total. 1 town conglomerate: Narra (1 castle and 8 villages)

Location in Calradia: Center - East

Offensive nation that is the most powerful in early stages of Strategus, especially field battles and weak during late stages, especially sieges. Suits well for an aggressive cavalry oriented faction or alliance. Located in central eastern part of the map, giving opportunities to organize various trade routes or caravan ambushes.

Strong Sides

Strong sides:

  • Cavalry. Khergits have access to most possible cavalry styles including the fastest horse in the game - Courser and the best horse archery items.
  • The fastest start. Huge amount of closely located villages combined with Sumpter Horse that is the cheapest fast horse in game (twice cheaper than Rouncey) and central location in the map make Khergits grow economy and possibly troops (by converting fiefs' population into troops) faster than anyone else in Calradia.

Weak Sides

Weak sides:

  • Vulnerable fiefs. Lack of castles combined with low defense capabilities makes Khergits vulnerable to massive organized fief attacks.
  • Weak against heavy armor. Khergits lack top tier blunt/pierce weapons (including ranged) to fight against plated enemies in late game.
  • Weak infantry. Being a cavalry oriented nation, Khergits feel weaker in fights with no horses.
  • No crushthrough weapons. Not that those could be used on horseback, but still a major downside during sieges.

Signature units

Khergit Horse-archer
Khergit Lancer