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Strategus is a persistent gamemode where players engage in diplomacy, trade, and war, competing over various fiefs across Calradia. The game is similar to the single player campaign in Warband but played on a web browser instead. You move your character on a map and can build an army. When a battle is initiated on the Strategus map, it will be fought one day later on a cRPG mod Strategus server.

StrategusMap 2019.png

History of Strategus

Strategus was created by Chadz in 2011 and is about to start it's 8th round on April 26th, 2019. Visit the Strategus section on the cRPG forum for more information about the history and previous versions of the mod.

How to Play

Updated Strategus guide and video tutorials coming soon.

How to start:

1. To participate in Strategus, you must enter the Battles tab on the cRPG site with your main character, and there, on the left side click "join Strategus as hero". After selecting your Strategus hero, click on the Strategus tab on or go to:

2. How to move on the map:

3. How to enter a fief

4. How do I trade

5. How do I buy and sell goods to earn gold

6. I have some gold, how do I build an army

7. How to attack

8. How to create or join a faction

What's New

11 unique Nations have been added: Swadia, Rhodok, Khergit, Vaegir, Nord, Sarranid, Yamato, Berezium, Tianxia, Ferocia, Staufen, Lallan

Each faction (clan) and fief have its own nation. Fiefs can only sell/upgrade items of their nation's and common items (construction equipment and some basic items). Your hero can only use their nation's and common items. Although they can loot/buy/sell other nation's items and convert them to them to their nation's items, or simply treat them like goods

All regions will use the same map (former EU map)

Battles now only happen during 4 hour prime time for each region. If attack is launched less than 20 hours before prime time, it will get postponed to the next day's prime time

Region of battle will be defined differently: if attacking AI fief or hero on the open field - your region&time will be used, if attacking a fief with the owner - defender's region&time will be used

Troop Generation decreased to 1.5 per hour

Mercs autohire until roster is filled with people or gets updated during last 30 minutes before the battle

Field battles now also reward with captured troops: if attacker wins by capping flags - half of survived defenders get converted to attacker's army, if defender wins by capping flags - 1/4 of survived attackers get converted to defender's army