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Swadia Flag


Inspired by: English region

Fiefs: 13 in total. 2 town conglomerates: Praven (2 castles and 3 villages) and Uxkhal (3 castles and 3 villages)

Location in Calradia: West - North-West

Balanced offensive nation that keeps their strength during all stages of Strategus, starting from early game and up to late game. Suits well for a huge faction or an alliance of factions or alternatively can be divided to 2 separate factions each ruling 1 town conglomerate. Although nation is relatively efficient in siege defense and fiefs are decent to defend, their location on the map makes them easier targets for ambushing and occasional raids by bandits while main armies are on the crusade.

Strong sides

  • Cavalry. All the tools to dominate with cavalry - great lances, heaviest horses, powerful cavalry one-handers and two-handers, even Cavalry Crossbow giving an opportunity for horse crossbowmen.
  • Plated armor. Access to plated armor makes this nation very effective in late stages and sieges.
  • Ranged. Although Swadian ranged are not the best in Calradia, they still have access to both decent archers and crossbowmen, making Swadia versatile.
  • Powerful against armors. Morningstars in all 3 melee weapon types make Swadia powerful against armored defensive nations. Both high pierce damage and bonus against shields destroy heavy armored targets, shielders and siege equipment.
  • Balanced. This nation's gear and fiefs don't limit it much. Might be not the best in anything, yet decent in everything.

Weak sides

  • Vulnerable to cavalry. Swadia barely has anything to deal with cavalry. Only one weapon (English Bill) that can rear horses, which is relatively expensive. Also both ranged types are slow making them vulnerable to horse archers.
  • No blunt weapons. Not a single one and not even in alt modes.
  • No crushthrough weapons. Crushthrough weapons can only be blunt and Swadia doesn't have those.
  • No cut weapons with bonus against shields. Early game shielders counter Swadia because the only tools against shielders are top tier morningstars.
  • Lack of polearms. Lack of longer polearms and no balanced 4d polearms making Swadia very limited in this class.

Signature Units

Swadian Swordsman

Swadian swordsman

Swadian Heavy Cavalry

Swadian Lance Cav
Swadian shielder
Swadian archer
Swadian Crossbowman