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Vaegir Flag


Inspired by: Slavic regions

Fiefs: 12 in total. 2 town conglomerates: Curaw (2 castles and 3 villages) and Khudan (2 castles and 3 villages)

Location in Calradia: North - North-East

Balanced nation during all Strategus stages. Suits well for a huge faction or an alliance of factions or alternatively can be divided to 2 separate factions each ruling 1 town conglomerate.

Strong Sides

Strong sides:

  • High cut damage weapons. Access to Bardiche and Voulge types of weapons make Vaegirs very effective against medium and low armored enemies, especially shielders.
  • Archers. Access to very versatile bows and pierce arrows make Vaegir archers one of the best in the game.
  • Cavalry. Vaegirs have strong cavalry opportunities having good horses, Rus Lance and other weapons that can be utilized on horseback.

Weak Sides

Weak sides:

  • Weak infantry against heavy armor. Vaegir infantry lacks top tier blunt/pierce weapons to fight against plated enemies in late game.
  • No crushthrough weapons. Vaegirs lack long blunt weapons in general and having no crushthrough makes it even weaker against heavy armor and during siege defenses.

Signature Units

Vaegir Infantry
Vaegir Cavalry
Vaegir Archer